t_235 This is my last post on my little series about the “Essence of Orange” DVD from reThink. My other posts can be found here and here. This is a short piece about the last segment on the DVD.

Engaging Students

Reggie emphasized the importance of engaging students in ministry as an integral part of the discipleship process.

I remember reading an article from Dr. Dobson many years ago. It was about how many students walk away from their church (and even faith) once they leave the student ministry and go off to college. A portion of them will return once they are married and starting a family. Why are they leaving? Because once they leave the student ministry, there is no longer any “connection” to the church. A decade ago Dobson recommended integrating students into active ministry so that long after they graduate, they will feel connected (even needed) to the local church.

Why is it that a two week mission trip will do more for a student spiritually than four years of going to Wednesday night programming? Because a mission trip “engages” the student and they grow by doing? Why do we limit the level of their “ministry involvement” to summer mission trips?

In ever church I’ve worked, students were freely welcome to serve in the Children’s Ministry and other ministries. But is discipleship can happen through their engagement in active ministry, why isn’t there a greater push for students to serve? Not only do the other ministries appreciate the help, it may just change the student’s life!

Just something to think about.

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