Children’s Ministry | Promote Your Page Too

Thanks everyone for jumping on board. You can see the viral affect already at work. Yesterday morning we started with four fans. I posted the badge on this blog and threw out a link in a twitter update (which did get re-tweeted twice). However, as of right now we have over 75 fans. Many of those came from the viral nature of pages. Those who became fans essentially advertised the page to all of their friends. A few of you promoted the page by “sharing” and that too promoted the site.

The funny thing I noticed was that many of my leaders and volunteers from Gateway were fans. Many of them I didn’t expect to be fans becasue they may not follow my blog. However, on of my leaders became a fan and she updated her status and invited everyone she knew that worked with kids and she got a great response (even one or two members of my staff). Ha!

So, on this page we’ll try one or two more things like this. I’ll send a message (which shows up as a notification) to all the fans and encourage them to come kind of action (post on the wall, invite another CM friend or respond to a discussion question). All of these things promote the page. Whenever a fan does something on the page, all their facebook friends will see it in their time line. So, we’ll take a look at how the page grows into the weekend and early next week we’ll take a look at advertising and see how that works.

Oh, and if you missed all of this, read my post yesterday about this experiment or click on the badge above to become a fan of this new facebook page.