By the time you read this, you may have been too late.

Facebook just opened up the ability to grab vanity URLs that point to your profile page. Up until now, your profile page would look something like this: (or something like that). Now you can replace that meaningless number with something easy to remember, like your name!

If you’ve logged in to facebook anytime recently, they’ve had an ad telling about it. I have been thinking about it, but I actually forgot and was about an hour late. How big of a deal is this? Well, in the first 3 minutes, 200,000 URLs were reserved. Crazy. I guess it’s important to some people. It will be interesting to see how many end up going in the first day.

So, if your name is John Smith, you’re probably out of luck. Oh, and if you’re name is Kenny Conley and you’re not me… you’re out of luck too! 🙂