main_flavoriceWhen it comes to Children’s Ministry events and activities (especially in the summer) this stuff rock! Kids love it, it’s easy to prepare and it’s cheap. How cheap? So cheap you buy way to much of this stuff.

So, here’s the rule. If you’ve got some kind of event coming up and you’re just not quite sure how many kids are going to come. Go to the store, buy this stuff by the box. Then as you’re leaving the isle and headed back to the check-out lanes, turn around and put half the boxes back on the shelf.

I’m convinced that every church freezer has hundreds of these lodged in the corners. Defrost that freezer that is overgrown with ice and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a dozen or so sleeves of fla-vor-ice hidden in the over-frost. If you could find an expiration on those sleeves, it’s likely you’ll find it expired when you were buying the latest Psalty the Singing Songbook album.

I just cleaned out my freezer a few minutes ago. I threw away a bulging 15 gallon trash bag full of Fla-vor-ice plus a few Wal-Mart bags full as well. I got caught up in the hype. I pictured the thousands of kids screaming in pure glee, basking in the glory of fla-vor-ice at that particular event… all for $39. Now about $32.50 of that glee is in my garbage can.

So, save yourself $32.50 and remember the rule.