A few weeks ago my blogging friend Sam wrote a very intriguing post here. I was disappointed that there were only two comments… both of them mine. However, I’m pretty sure I know why no one had much to say. I think it’s rare for us to link the Holy Spirit and recruiting together. It kind of was for me too.

A few weeks ago I finished writing an article on the Holy Spirit’s role in recruiting. Writing this article was amazingly refreshing and a great reminder of the things I often forget or neglect. Here’s all I can say. They Holy Spirit wants to help and we need to remember to let him. He proved it to me in a beautiful bit of confirmation that I’d love to tell you about.

I finished writing this article just before the weekend… about letting the Holy Spirit help in your recruitment process. After service that Sunday, my wife came up to me and said, “Remind me to tell you about the person I saw in the garage (our coffee/bookstore) today.” It wasn’t until later that night that I remembered to ask. She then went on to tell me about someone she saw earlier that day. There was this man who came up to the husband of my Early Childhood Director. He seemed very outgoing and fun. More importantly, he really engaged with his kids… he had them eating out of his hands, so to speak. Sara said, “you gotta get this guy on your team.”

So, I then sent an email to my Early Childhood Director’s husband. I prefaced the email saying, “This is a highly unusual request.” I went on to tell him what Sara saw and that I’d like to connect with him if he’s not serving somewhere else. He wrote back within minutes. He said that this guy had served in the Children’s Ministry for years and totally loved it. Even more, the guy had even said that day that he was thinking about plugging back into the Children’s Ministry. Now tell me, does the Holy Spirit want to help or not?