Gina McClain is a great friend. I actually just got to have lunch with her and her husband along with some other really cool kidmin folks in Knoxville. While I was homeless, Gina graciously allowed me to post on her blog. Maybe I wasn’t the most gracious guest, because I do feel that I wrote about a hot topic.

Basically, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about discipleship. Most of us in kidmin and student ministry have our “elements” that we call discipleship, but I’m wondering about how subjective the word “discipleship” really is. If Jesus set the example of what discipleship looks like, why do we call something we’re doing in ministry discipleship when it really doesn’t look much like what Jesus did at all. I’m sure I’ll blog more about this soon, but for now, check out my Homeless Blogger post over at Gina’s site.