If I had a time machine, there are a few very important things I’d tell the old me. The list is actually really long, but I’ll stick to just two or three for your sake. Obviously, I’m not able to go back in time, but hopefully some of these words will impact some of those who are exactly where I was 10-15 years ago. This is for you!

A special thanks to Spencer Click for hosting this post. In this post, I’d tell myself that leading a ministry of 400 kids is really no different from leading a ministry of 40 kids. Seriously, I’m being honest. The first church I led gave me the opportunity to lead 40 kids. My second church gave me the opportunity to lead 300-400 kids. The third church I led was smaller, only 150 kids. However, I learned something. I lead the church of 150 more like I led when I had 400. What about the church of 40? No, I’ll never lead like that again. Check out the whole post here.