I wrapped up my homeless blogging series about 10 days ago. It kind of didn’t make sense to continue a “Homeless Blog” when my blog was back up and running without issue. However, I felt like I was really starting to get into a groove. Enough so, I started a little series as the homeless blogger called, “Things I’d tell the Old Me.” The idea is that if I had a time machine and if I could go back in time, what would I tell the me 10-15 years ago.

Obviously, that isn’t going to happen, but the effort wouldn’t be in vain. There are many people who are in the same exact situation that I’m in now and it would be good to tell my story to them. So, here we go with my “Things I’d tell the Old Me” on the Homeless blogger tour.

I begin with a post hosted by Ryan Frank. Many don’t know that Ryan Frank and I go way back… maybe 8-9 years back when he had me come speak at his kids camp in IN (just a hint on how long ago this was… but Evan Doyle was just a 6th or 7th grade helper back then). Back to the post… My first message to myself is that I’d tell myself that you are far less important than you think you are. Even though we often serve in a ministry area that is lesser in importance in our churches, we tend to be very confident in the gifts we operate in. Don’t be fooled, you’re not that important. Yes, you play a very important part in the whole package deal, but don’t let it go to your head. Read here for more on this line of thinking.