Two weeks ago I attended the Kidmin Conference in Chicago and I found myself in a very strange predicament. I was homeless.

No, not that kind of homeless. I had a comfortable bed to sleep on and plenty of food. However, I was learning and experiencing so many great things and I didn’t really have a place to share and express my experiences. Trust me, I’m not going to let a stupid internet virus keep me from blogging. I had a great idea. What if I just wrote blog posts like I normally did, but I just post them on other people’s blogs. I tweeted out my idea and immediately had 5 or 6 takers. Over the next few days, I got even more. So, the Homeless Blogger was born. Already there are ten Homeless Blogger posts with several more still in the works.

If you’re not on twitter, then you probably haven’t read these other posts. Since I don’t want to exclude anyone, I’m going to collaborate. I’m not going to repost this series here on my site, but I am going to introduce the posts here and link over to where they are being hosted. It’s the least I can do. Hopefully you’ll catch up on all I had to say and maybe connect with some great new blogs while you’re at it. Win! Stay tuned for the Homeless Blogger!