If you have kids, this thought resonates with you.

The Internet is Dangerous!

It goes beyond just the internet though. Digital media, apps and games are turning young minds to mush. Screens are everywhere.

Parents often ask me about resources and services that can help and I’m usually scrambling to find resources to recommend. There are many good ones, but every one has limitations. However, I’ve never been more excited about a product/resources as I am about what launches today.

Meet Circle

For the past 3 months, I’ve had this little device in my home helping to manage and protect the media and content coming onto every screen in my house.

  • With Circle, I know that my son isn’t going to click on a page that he’ll never be able to un-see.
  • With Circle, I know that the devices my kids love to use won’t work when they’re not supposed to work.
  • With Circle, I know that when my kids get older, they won’t be able to outsmart and work around the protection that Circle provides.

Circle provides an incredible experience that will help keep my kids (and family) safe from the dangers of the online world.

How does Circle work?

Circle pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi and allows you to manage every device on the network—tablet, TV, or laptop. Using an iOS app, families create unique profiles for each member of the home and from there help shape each person’s online experience.

What does Circle do?

  • Set Time Limits
  • Filter Content
  • BedTime for Devices
  • Pause The Internet
  • See how kids spend time online
  • Personalized dashboard

And to top it all off, Circle has partnered with Disney to provide content that kids love and parents trust.

For your family, check out Circle. For the families in your church, get the word out about Circle.

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