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About six years ago, this group from New Zealand made a big splash with their song “Creator.” It was a pretty cool song, I think it made it one one of the WOW (Christian Music Videos) DVDs. I visited Fellowship Church for C3 and they were doing this song for kids worship… it was very fun! But the Ladds were more of a “one-hit wonder.” However, these guys are still going strong. Now they’re based out of Nashville, touring the US and still releasing CD’s. They even have a fun comic book and some kind of a TV show (or cartoon… I think) coming out soon.

Check out their site. They’ve got 5 free mp3s you can download to get a feel. So, if you’re looking for some really fun music to play between services or during games, the Ladds have a lot of great tunes. They’re certainly worth checking out… and their web page is a great flash site!

Click here to check them out!