Today in a staff meeting I was introduced to this quote by H. Richard Niebuhr.

“The Great Christian revolutions come not by the discover of something new that was not known before, they happen when somebody takes radically something that was already there.”

How true is this quote. The biggest way I see this quote in Kidmin is the family ministry emphasis we see ourselves in now. Ten years ago, no one was really talking “Family Ministry” the way they are today. You can’t engage a kidmin conversation without someone throwing out Deuteronomy 6. The funny thing is that Deuteronomy 6 said the same thing 10 years ago as it does now.

I love the Family Ministry revolution happening in our churches now and I look forward to seeing the long term affects. I look forward to seeing the ministry “revolution” continue to to mature and develop. However, I’m also curious as to what happens next. I wonder if it too is right in front of our noses and we’ve simply not paid attention to it like we should.