When making an argument for or against something, we obviously need to understand the pros and the cons. Understanding what will happen if people don’t do what you’re askin them to do only helps you in stating your case. However, some people have a tendency to leave the cons out of the argument. There is a self-defense mechanism that causes you to not even go there. We’re afraid that if we even mention the alternative option, we’ll plant a seed and lessen the chances that they’ll side with us. However, this line of thinking is wrong.

Hundreds of studies have shown that when a balanced argument is given where someone shares both the pros and cons of making a decision, people are more likely to side with that argument. Although there is a tendency to leave out the other options, more persuasive people communicate both sides, providing a balanced argument.

Essentially, people aren’t idiots. They know there is usually a downside and you stating it builds trust. The true power of persuasion begins when you paint a picture of reality and convince them that your way is a better way. Not offering a balanced argument can come across even as manipulative.

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