Sam Luce wrote a great post yesterday about the Eric Trap book. For a great behind the scenes scoop on the book, check it out.

However, as you read this book, I know that some of you may ask, “Who is Eric Newman really?” Is he a real person? Did you and Sam have someone in mind as you told his story? Hmmmm, maybe. If we did, we’ll never tell.

But what we will tell you is that you’re asking the right question but looking for the wrong answer. I know that as Sam and I wrote the story of Eric Newman, we wrote painful parts of our own stories and let Eric live them out on the pages of this book. There were times when I was writing that I was recalling the past more than creating something new. So much of Eric’s story is my story and I’m sure Sam will say the same thing. You know what’s interesting though? More than a handful of reviews that have already come back have expressed the same sentiment. Who is the real Eric Newman? Well… I am. So are you! We all have some of Eric in our lives.

If you didn’t catch Jenny’s stellar post on The Eric Trap yesterday, hop over there now. You still might be able to grab a free book. Stay tuned for a list of posts that went live today as well.