Yesterday I breached the subject of sex, porn and children’s ministry. Today I want to press further into the subject. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and something some people brought up in the comments from yesterday’s post. I know that a lot of parents don’t sit down and have the “big talk” until their kids are 12 or 13. I’d be curious to see a breakdown by percentages. I’d be even more curious to see how many parents never sit down to tell their kids about sex. However, if it really is true that kids begin getting exposed to pornographic imagery by the age of 8, 9 and 10, then we have a problem. By the time parents are starting to have the talk, their kids already have a very strong reference point. It’s not a lost cause, but they’ve missed a great window of opportunity.

I think the church is in the same boat to a certain degree. It’s actually quite common for churches to engage around sex with young people, but not really until they’re in middle school or high school. Millions of teenagers have participated in true love waits campaigns where kids have committed to sexual abstinence to their parents, to God and to themselves. I honestly think these programs and the way the church is engaging the family as well as the students are great. However, if this is the first time the church engages families about sex, are we too late? I think so… and a dollar short.

I’m wondering if something is missing? How are we heling parents have these all too important questions? I think books are great, but I’m not sure throwing a load of books at our parents is the solution. So, my question(s) for you today is this. What does a this look like in the church today? Are there churches engaging parents of younger kids to help them talk to their kids about sex? What are they doing? What resources do they use? If not, what could this look like? How would you do it?