I had the privilege of introducing a few breakout speakers. One of these speakers was Stewart Hall. Stewart Hall is on staff with XP3 and has co-authored books with Andy Stanley and Louie Gigleo. He’s a legend in my book.

Although I did not get to stay and hang out for the entire session, he asked one question that I’ve not been able to shake. It’s a question that I’ll probably not be able to shake. Here’s what he asked:

What does your ministry environment SCREAM that you value?

Wow. I’ve sat down with my team and we’ve listed our ministry values. Many of them speak very loudly. Are they screaming? That’s a good question. I think it’s probably a question we should ask ourselves on a regular basis. It’s probably a question we should ask people who are new to our ministry. This is the rich feedback that we desperately need.

I wasn’t around for the full breakout, but I almost can imagine the follow-up question.

What does your ministry scream that you DON’T value.

Those are the things we need to take immediate action on.