Currently my church is doing a series called Unlikely Heroes. It’s a sereis that focuses on various heroes fromt he Bible. It’s been a great series. However, last Sunday was spectacular. Over the years I’ve collected a handful of messages that I’m sure I’ll hang on to for the rest of my life. Last week’s message was on of those.

Ted Beasely, one of our teaching pastors, delivered an incredible message about the life of Hannah from the book of Samuel. I think what interested me most in this message was the subject of Hannah. Ever several month when teaching about and leading child dedication services, I tell a synopsis of this story where Hannah physically dedicates her only son to the Lord. This story always resonates with me because I truly identify with this woman as my wife and I endured so much pain and frustration in our effort to have children. My two children are wonderful and precious gifts. It seems more and more as I lead child dedication classes, other women tear up when I mention Hannah’s struggle because their journey was similar.

In this message, Ted pointedly addresses the struggle of when our deepest dreams and aspirations seem to go unanswered. Although this message penetrates to the heart of a couple struggling with infertility or miscarriage, the message will speak to anyone who has dreams that seem too far off to ever come to fruition. Enjoy!