I forgot to mention this earlier in my this post. I wast talking about how on the day of Christ’s ascension there were some of the 11 disciples who doubted. It truly sounds crazy. How on earth could they doubt? But then I realize that I may not “doubt,” but I often live my life as one who doubts or even doesn’t believe. Seriously, if I truly had the fear of God in my life, why do I still sin so much?

Then I got thinking.

I’ve had relationships all through my life with people who don’t believe in God. I’m really not that good at debating with them. To be honest, I don’t really like it. I like them and their belief… or lack of belief doesn’t change the way I feel about them. I just don’t think I’ve got the words to sway their belief. Many times I’ve heard them say, “If there was convincing and irrefutable proof that God exists, I’d believe.” When hearing a statement like that, I’ve felt the pressure of putting together the irrefutable proof. However, being that faith is involved, there isn’t a silver bullet. There is evidence that God exists and some people are really good at presenting that proof in a very convincing way.

But today I realized something. This statement by non-believing friends is a load of garbage. Maybe it’s not a load of garbage, but it’s wishful thinking. There are scores of people from the pages of scripture who experienced God in a powerful way, yet turned away. Peter denied him. Some of the 11 doubted. Solomon (the wisest man to live) chased after other gods. Judas betrayed him.

Aren’t we just fickle?

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