This month, my second e-book with Orange released. My first e-book, Reprioritizing for group can be found here. My new ebook is all about our neighbors. It’s called “Think Outside Your Walls – Making a Shift in the Way We See Our Neighbors.” The premise is pretty simple.

Tens of thousands of families drive by your church every day. These are people with hurts, needs and pressing situations. These families need the encouragement and resources we offer, but it’s never occurred to them that the local church might have exactly what they’ve been missing. One of the best things we can do is partner with the community. in this e-book, I walk through three ways we can partner with the community:

Think Community First
Share Vision Within the Church
Provide Solutions to Needs Within the Community

We’re already doing so much for families. We’re pouring our heart and soul into making a difference in families. What if we could make small adjustments that would connect families in our community to the great work we’re already doing? It could change everything, right?

So much of this e-book comes from what I’ve seen some amazing churches do to include families in their communities. In twenty years of personal ministry, I’ve done a lot of things that I’d do differently moving forward if it means I could better connect to our neighbors.

Currently, you can only get this book one way: A subscription to Weekly. Weekly is an amazing service that provides a weekly strategy to connect with leaders and parents. In the future, you’ll be able to find this resource on Amazon. I hope you enjoy this resource and that it reframes the conversation your church is having about it’s relationships with the community.