This is it. This is the end of the line friends. Over two weeks ago the March Madness for Kidmin bloggers began From the 64 who started, there are only four remaining and I am one of those four. It’s been a long journey (comparatively speaking) and it’s all come down to this. As a reader of this blog, a friend or maybe a family member, I’m going to ask that you send a vote in my direction. You know what would make a victory Oh So Sweet? This competition ends on Friday afternoon which this weekend happens to be the THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAY of this blog. Wow, how amazing is that? Coincidence? Fate? I’ll let you decide. In addition, this weekend I’ll post my 1000th post on this blog. That’s a lot of content. How great would it be that one of the first posts of this new millennium of blogging be an announcement that your vote brought me to a solid victory?

You can make this happen. Click here to vote for this blog! Click here and vote for Kenny Conley to wish this blog a happy three year birthday! Click here and vote for Kenny Conley because it just feels right!

Thanks so much for your vote!