My wife and I had plans to attend a big Superbowl party. Unfortunately, she was sick all week. We stayed home. Just the two of us.

However, I had a blast. It wasn’t the game though. It was experiencing the Superbowl (ads and all) with hundreds of other people I follow on twitter. Seriously, it was like being at a party. People were joking with each other, making fun of the half time show and just hanging out.

Nearly two years ago my son was born. I blogged the entire experience. It was amazing. I had 1900 page views in a 24 hour period. It required me to write posts every few hours as family and friends stayed tuned. Although the blog certainly worked, it was a little clunky and time consuming. Not like twitter. So, next time the experience is likely to be twittered… if that’s still the “thing.”

I love technology that builds community.