picture-3Since I use tweetdeck on my laptop, tiny twitter on my phone and twitter phone on my ipod touch, I don’t always know when twitter updates their main page. Just the other day I noticed that they’ve made some cool changes. First of all, you can subscribe to anyone’s twitter feed via RSS. That means someone who doesn’t use twitter could in fact follow your tweet through a reader. Pretty cool. Also, twitter has installed a search box on their main page. It makes searching for someone or any topic so much easier.

However, the coolest new feature is twitter’s Trending Topics. Basically it’s a top ten of what people are saying on twitter. I’m pretty sure you can find trends on tweetie and some other services, but if you don’t have that, just go to www.twitter.com. Two days in a row now I feel like saw the future through Trending Topics. Yesterday I signed in and saw that the top trend was “Star Wars Day.” I’ve never heard of Star Wars Day. Then I sated getting “May the 4th be with you” well wishes. Then today I saw that KFC was at the top of the list. KFC? Why the heck was KFC on the top of the list? Then an hour or two later, I found out that Oprah gave away a boat-load of KFC certificates for Mother’s Day.

Twitter is an over-connected network of people. Word spreads fast. When news breaks, word travels fast across twitter. So, check the trends through whatever service you use… or on the twitter homepage and y0u’ll know what’s hot and what’s not.