It was well over a year ago when I first found out about twitter. My friend Matt introduced it to me on his blog. I really didn’t see any use for it at that time, although I was intrigued. About 8 months later I signed up for an account and I was hooked. I think I love it more an more everyday.

People often ask me, “Why do you twitter? What’s the point of twitter?”

Well, it is fun. It’s also a way to connect with lot’s of people at once. But there are also all kinds of other applications. I certainly don’t think it’s the platform to replace blogging, but I think it has changed blogging and enhanced it. I still think it’s going to get a lot bigger.

However, I decided to google twitter and see what else people are using twitter for. I found all kinds of cool tips and tricks. So, this week I’m highliting some of the cooler tricks I found. These alone could build a pretty convincing argument for why a person should twitter.