This one is my new favorite. I’ve found that when I twitter that I have a new blog post, a lot more traffic goes to my site. Because I make twitter update my facebook status, I sometimes get facebook friends to visit my blog who usually don’t. So I like this.

WordPress had a plugin that would send a tweet whenever I published a new blog post. It would even tweet when I edited a post. I loved this. Any tool that automates tasks are golden. However, this plugin had a flaw. Maybe it was me, but I couldn’t get around this. I often future date my posts (like this post. You may be reading it on Thursday, but it’s actually Sunday night as I type it). I do it to keep the content coming at regular intervals. Well, I found that this plugin I was using would tweet a new post as published immediately upon posting a future dated post. No good, so I stopped using this feature. But now I found it’s replacement.

Twitter Feed will follow any rss feed you designate (it doesn’t have to be your own). You can set Twitter Feed to access the rss address every hour to see if there is a new post. If there is, it will send a tweet about it. Brilliant. Now I know that within an hour of “publishing” new posts, my twitter will let everyone know.

Check out Twitter Feed here.