Almost a year ago I wrote this post. It was about a church in Michigan that integrated twitter into it’s services.

Just the other day Time did a story on this church. Read it here.

I’m challenged by what this church is doing.

Twitter has been around for close to two years and too many people still don’t have any idea what it is. It’s kind of like this commercial below (pay attention at 0.33 seconds in).

Churches talk about innovation and their need to be creative, yet so many haven’t event embraced the dozens of ways that twitter can be used.

Last week I was at Orange. It was my second year. The first year it was an experience. This year I was a part of a community sharing an experience. Guess what year was better?

What too many people don’t understand is that twitter creates and enhances community. Isn’t that what churches are dying to create? Wake up church and smell the tweets.