I just read this article about a church that used twitter during a church service. You really should read it, absolutely amazing! In case you’re just skimming, I’ll give you the gist. The church planned ahead and let people know that a particular Sunday was going to be Twitter Sunday. So, people walked into the service with their iPhones and laptops. They had over 70 people following the church feed. There were big screens all over the auditorium displaying the feed as people interacted with all parts of the service. How amazing is this?

They said that there was humorous banter going on in the early part of the service, which kind of eased people into the feeling of community. Later on there were great moments of reflection and agreement and solid points displaying during the service. The end result? About half of the team loved it. The other have hated it. They didn’t say, but I’d be willing to guess the age/personality temperament of those who hated it.

Here’s what I love about this. Have you recently watched a teenager on the computer? With facebook, myspace and whatever chat clients they have going on, they have all of them open on their desktop and they are doing 3 things at once while actively participating in at least two separate conversations. It’s crazy. I’m not saying this is healthy, but it is the reality of the generation entering the adult church population. Why not create this type of experience in a worship setting? Why should a church service be totally passive for the hundreds or thousands sitting in their chairs. The lead teacher/communicator doesn’t have to “interact” with the feed, but it could happen in conjunction with the service. Here is his follow-up post about the hurdles they had to overcome to make this happen. What do you think? Would you find this a positive experience or terribly distracting?

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