On Friday morning I woke up and realized that something was wrong with my laptop (MacBook Pro). It wouldn’t boot up at all. Crud! It was Friday morning and the absolute soonest I could get someone to look at it would be Sunday. So, I decided I would see how well the Ipad was going to work for me.

Several months ago, someone gave me an iPad and up until this time, it’s been more of a recreational device. When needing to get any serious work done, I’d just default to the laptop as it’s easier to use and I’m more familiar with it. So, this was a great chance to really test it out.

Well, all I can say is that my experience was pretty good. I’m not at all ready to give up the laptop for the iPad, but I was surprised at what I could get done. Sitting on the couch and doing a lot to typing is not really that easy. I’d have to prop my legs up on the ottoman and hold the iPad in place with my legs while I typed. I was impressed by how fast I could actually type. At times, I was typing on it as fast as I do on the laptop.

I’d say the things that were a little frustrating were the websites that I do work in that are based in flash and the multi-tasking. I’m constantly jumping back and forth between programs, tabs and windows all the time and although you can do this with the iPad, it’s just not nearly as seamless.

So, I’ve got a loaner laptop until my computer is fixed… but I’m curious to see if my usage on the iPad for work related tasks are going to go up now that I’ve learned that it can be fairly productive without having to lug a computer around the house or to a meeting.