I’m pretty plugged in as far as connectivity is concerned. I’m pretty much addicted to my phone as is the rest of the country. So, I’m embarking on a little experiment this week. I’m unplugging. Hardcore. All the way.

I’m taking a nice two week vacation of Spring Break. The first week I’m taking the family to SW Texas. After speaking for a few days at a family camp in Rocksprings TX, we’re headed to Alpine, TX and Carlsbad, NM. I’ll have a second week of vacation at home where I’ll just rest and work on little projects around the house.

However, I decided that our trip out west is as good as anytime to attempt a media fast. There were several contributing factors:

  • The camp I’m speaking at has virtually no wifi and no cell coverage. I can’t connect there anyway, so I figured I could just carry it on for the rest of the week.
  • Much of SW Texas doesn’t have good cell coverage anyway, so if it’s going to be spotty, I might as well take advantage of it and make this wee week I disconnect.
  • I really need a hard break from church and all the other things I’m involved in. It’s just been such a busy season for me… my brain needs a total break. I know myself too well. I’m I’m just a little bit connected, I’ll get sucked in. I’m better to be extreme.
  • I need to enjoy myself and my thoughts. I need to focus on my wife and two little ones. Being disconnected will be good for us (me).

So, what does disconnected mean?

  • No email.
  • No texting.
  • No internet (on phone or computer).
  • No social media.
  • No facebook or instagram.
  • No phone (I’m putting my phone on do not disturb and the only one who can call me is Sara and my mom).

Actually, the only things I might use my phone for is navigation and potentially geocaching with Titus.

You’re still going to see plenty of activity on the blog, but they’re prescheduled posts. I’ll be back next week and expect a full report on my personal disconnected experiment.