Now that missions week is pretty much over, what about curriculum? “What if I want to teach some of this stuff to my kids? What if I’m still new to this unreached people’s stuff, who am I going to teach it?”

Great question! Actually, there is some pretty descent stuff out there. Let me point you to one resource called “Kids Around the World.”

About 6-7 years ago, I came across this curriculum and used it for a midweek breakout class and it was a big hit. Let me preface this though. I’d probably not use this curriculum on a Sunday morning. It’s good stuff, but not the high-energy content I’d prefer for a Sunday experience. Some of the music and such is already a little dated, but the content really is good. If you’re looking for content that helps kids actually see and get to know kids from unreached people groups, this will do it.

In addition to 12-14 minute videos, the included curriculum leads kids in activities and games relevant to the culture being studied as well as guiding kids in how to pray for each people group. Each lesson packet costs $20. Although every lesson comes with one video, you could possibly get 2 weeks out of each lesson if you’re looking to stretch the material. You can save a little money by getting the entire set for about $120 and it includes 12 lessons… perfect for a quarter of curriculum.

Click here to get the entire curriculum set.