In case you missed the bus last week, the Children’s Minsitry community adopted a Twitter hashtag. It’s been a hit so far. So, if you’re blogging anything about children’s ministry, be sure to include #kidmin in your tweet.

Well, as a result, I had to update my twitterfeed. What is twitterfeed? I wrote about it many months ago here. Honestly, if you’re a blogger and you use twitter, why are you not using it? Basically it’s a third party service that scans your blog… or any blog for that matter. Whenever a new post is published, a pre-written tweet is sent out with a link to the new post. Honestly, when I do look at my stats, I’ve found that Twitter and Facebook are becoming a much more significant referrer to my blog. That’s because of twitterfeed (facebook only because my twitter updates my facebook status).

Today I updated my pre-written tweet to include the #kidmin hashtag. This way my tweets about my new posts will be picked up by those following #kidmin. I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool. So, if you’re not using it, go ahead and set it up today.