Okay, I just finished watching disc two. Honestly, I intended to watch the review a month ago, but finding an hour to watch it and write my assessment has been harder than I’d have imagined. In case you didn’t read earlier, I wrote a review of disc one here.

I’m still impressed with the content. Several times I laugh out loud due to the witty and cleaver lines but it’s been well put together and it is certainly a fantastic way to be exposed to the Bible. Disc two covers the remainder of Genesis and and all of Exodus. What I love so much about WITB is that it’s not just an overview of key Bible stories, but key concepts are being introduced. In disc two, Biblical Cannon is explained, concepts of salvation and redemption are introduced as well as other things like patriarchal history and basic covenant theology. These concepts are key to understanding the “Bible story,” so it’s incredible that this DVD set is so well-rounded. If our kids grow up just knowing a bunch of stories, it isn’t likely that it will change their lives. However, if we tie the stories of the Bible to the problems and pain we experience, our kids might see God’s plan for their lives as told through his scriptures. Amazing.

One of the things I loved about this DVD were the tie-ins to current life. There’s a key point where the first commandment is explained. They went into a humorous explanation of how in those times people worshiped the sun and moon and statues. In my mind I’m thinking, “they really should tie this in to how we worship other gods like money and sports.” Then they did. Perfect!

Last of all, I loved the concept and strategy this series is revealing. In this disc they kept saying God’s rescue plan. When you read the Old Testament in light of the knowledge that God is at work to redeem his people, the stories all take on a different light. In this disc, they tie the ram God provided for Abraham instead of sacrificing Isaac and the lambs blood on the doorpost for the passover as foreshadowing of the sacrifice Jesus would make. This is so important, to tell the Bible story as one interconnected narrative that all points in the same direction.

My only negatives. I don’t like the Pastor and Sunday School Lady characters very much. They just come off as being a little weird and out of touch. Granted, they look very much like what a lot of Pastors and Sunday School teachers look like, so maybe that’s part of the reason for it. It’s just my opinion, but it doesn’t change how I feel about the videos overall. Go get them. You can pick them up here!