Okay, I thought I’d elaborate on something Sara mentioned, but it provided to be a huge success. At the very end of the service, the staff member who oversees live production was doing announcements. She made the announcements and then ended with a big push for live production. She went on to talk about the power you have as a light and sound operator… plus who doesn’t like to where the cool headsets. Then the staff member who oversees hospitality came out telling everyone that if they really want to be where it’s at, they’ll want to serve in hospitality. He “randomly” selects someone from the audience and asks them what they want most on a Sunday. She obviously reads from a script revealing that she’s a fake and as she talks about wanting connection, people run in bringing her coffee and a muffin. She finishes reading her script with difficulty with a muffin in her mouth. Finally I came walking out on stage with the cutest baby I could find. The crowd does the gasp and “awwwww” thing. Then I went on to say that people really want to change the world, to leave a legacy and how we serve 18,000 kids every weekend in kids quest. One of the other staff members asks who the child is and I reply quickly “it’s not important, it’s a valued member of our ministry.” The other staff member jabs with… “come on, is that your own kid?” At this point we start arguing and the lead teacher walks out and stops us and goes on to say how all the areas are great and people can plug in anywhere. Then he looks at me and says while shaking his head, “Wow Kenny, I can’t believe you played the kid card.”

It was a riot and the audience reacted very well. We had many people coming up to the booths still laughing.

So, be sure to do something where you have fun and engage the audience.