Okay, Sara talked about several great things here. So, I’ve attached images of all the files we used. Feel free to use them to get some ideas:

Here is the poster we hung in all the bathrooms:


Banners over each of the three areas:




Actual logo of “I’m In”

bw logo

Live Production Trifold:

Live Production.FINAL_Page_1

Live Production.FINAL_Page_2

Kids Quest Trifold:

Kid's Quest.FINAL_Page_1

Kid's Quest.FINAL_Page_2

Hospitality Trifold:

Hospitality Teams.FINAL_Page_1

Hospitality Teams.FINAL_Page_2

Sign up cards (we had these at the booths as well as in the programs):

I'm In Sign Up Sheet FINAL_Page_1

I'm In Sign Up Sheet FINAL_Page_2