Here is “part two” of the blog post from yesterday.

Think through the details of your event and plan accordingly.

We recruited for three ministries at our recent expo. Each ministry was assigned a color. Banners, balloons and booth paperwork in these colors quickly visually distinguished the ministries from each other.

Each booth was equipped with sign up cards, trifolds listing job descriptions for volunteer positions, pens and clipboards. The children’s ministry booth also had applications and background checks available for every recruit to fill out on the spot.

As a recruiter, I hate to see people fall through the cracks. By Sunday night following the Expo all the data entry of our prospective volunteers was complete. The staff could start follow up first thing Monday morning.

I personally find that this method for follow up is very effective:
1. A follow up phone call within a couple days following the Expo to confirm the volunteer’s interest and scheduling preferences.
2. A formal or on-the-job training within a few weeks of the Expo to equip the new volunteer.
3. A personal welcome the first day of service. Introduce your new volunteer to their coworkers. Help them get settled that first day.
4. Occasional phone calls to check in on the new volunteer over the first few months of service. Give them a venue to ask questions, express concerns and know their input is valued.

7. PRAY.
Sound pretty basic? Perhaps it is. Invite God to show off. He loves your kids more than you do. He knows who he’s calling to ministry. He knows what adults are crying out to him for connection with others. Pray that he will speak to the hearts of your future volunteers through your Expo efforts.

Okay friends. Those are my ideas. Some of you are old pros at this recruiting thing and others of you bring young new fresh energy and creativity to the table. Please, share your ideas and experiences in the comments. We’ll learn from each other.