In the summer of 1998, I’d been dating Kenny for nearly a year. He convinced me to work at a kid’s day camp with him in Germantown, Maryland all summer. We had a little drill there that has served me well as a life lesson.

When we’d see our kids’ energy dragging, the camp director would yell: “ATTITUDE CHECK!”

The kids would snap to and shout back, “PRAISE THE LORD!”



But it worked! Immediately the energy of the camp was once again buoyant and happy.

Sometimes, I think we in children’s ministry need an attitude check, particularly regarding our volunteers. Misery likes company.  Here are a few common sob stories I hear children’s ministers griping about:

1. “I can’t get enough volunteers.”

2. “I can’t keep the volunteers I get.”

3. “I don’t understand why my volunteers aren’t as invested as I am.”

4. “Why do my volunteers cancel last minute? Or no-show?”

Okay friends, it’s time a for a little “ATTITUDE CHECK!”

I’m going to say something you may not like. Your volunteers play a little game called “Follow the Leader”. They will go where you lead them. If you think they suck, maybe it’s because you suck at leading them.


Here’s the good news. Attitudes can improve. Leaders can be trained. Ways can be changed.

Check back this week. We’ll examine some simple changes that can transform the volunteer culture in your ministry.