Sorry it’s been kind of quite on the blog lately. As most of you know, I started my new job as Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Community Church last week. It was a great first week. Really, of the first weeks I’ve had with new jobs, it definitely ranks at the very top.

On my first day in the office, I came with a suitcase. Yeah, the first time I’ve done that. We left that day for a Texas Large Church Forum in Dallas, TX. The forum was pretty good, but I had a lot of time to get to know fellow staff members who I’ll be working with. I roomed with the new Student Pastor (he’s a trip) and got some good hangout time with everyone. Even got out one night to see Iron Man with Chad (the student pastor) and both of the people I report to. Fun!

Thursday was my only day in the office last week, and it was a busy one! I’ll write more this week about some great things I’m learning from my new church, from my new job, and from some great books I’m reading right now.