Like I said, I’m doing a lot of reading now days. However, for the past several months my blog subscription has gotten pretty big (at least by my standards). During the week of Orange and the week after, I did not keep up with reading the blogs I subscribe to. Finally, the next week, it took me four hours one night to catch up. I did a lot of skimming, but I just can’t stand to miss anything.

I really need to update my blogroll. However, I thought I’d share what blogs I read right now. I remembered how when I first got into blogging, I searched the Internet both high and low to find all the CM blogs. However, I find that I don’t put nearly as much effort into finding new blogs… but I really should. I’m surprised how often I’m finding brand new blogs or blogs I’ve just missed. I must say, the quickest way I’ve found new blogs is when the authors either comment on my blog or blogs I read. So, if you’re a new blogger, be sure to interact with the blogosphere… it’s the fastest way to get connected to the network. If you’ve got a CM blog and you’re not on this list of mine, leave a comment and I’ll check you out!

Beware, this is all of the blogs I actually subscribe to. Some blogs post irregularly, some I love and other I’d subscribe to just to keep up with what is going on. I’ll put (FAV) next to the ones that are my “favorites.”  I’ll comment briefly one each one:

(BTW, I subscribe to 60 blogs)

Access Elevation Blog: (FAV) Elevation Church’s Behind the Scene’s Blog.

Being Beck: (FAV) A good friend’s family blog.

Brand New Atheist: A good friend’s blog documenting his journey from Christianity to Atheism. His posts challenge me and sharpen me.

Buzz Out Loud: (FAV) My favorite tech podcast.

Chad Swanzy: (FAV) The Youth Pastor at my church with a great Student Ministry Blog.

Children’s Ministry 1234: Rob Bradbury’s blog from down under. I love this guy!

Children’s Ministry and Culture: (FAV) It’s like Headline News for Children’s Minsitry.

Children’s Ministry Blog with Jamie Doyle: Another CP letting us in on his life and ministry.

Children’s Ministry Insights: I think this is connected with Children’s Ministry Univesity.

Children’s Ministry Talk: An actual podcast from Dick Gruber and Jason Rhode. I think they too are connected with Children’s Ministry University. Christine Yount’s blog… editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine.

Children’s Ministry <<That’s Swell>>: How the heck did I get connected with this one, I don’t know. Doesn’t really have anything to do with CM, but this young couple remind me of Sara and I the year after we got married. We were both in College and I was doing CM part time.

Church Marketing Sucks: (FAV) Just a great blog. They’ve got an awesome Church Marketing Lab on Flikr that is a great resource for media and just coming up with ideas.

CHURCHSMO: This guy doesn’t blog much, but talks mostly about tech tools for ministry and blogging.

Coffee With Chris: I don’t know how I started reading this blog, but I enjoy what he has to say.

Connections: I think this guy commented on a blog I read and I’ve just been reading his ever since.

Craig Jutila – Liquid Leadership: Craig isn’t writing much… but if he starts, I’ll get it.

Deadly Viper Blog: Just found this. Very candid and authentic… glad someone is writing this stuff. I think this is a partnership between Karl and DiscipleLand curriculum.

Engadget: A great tech blog. Just overwhelming amount of posts.

FRC KIDS: I just subscribed to this one. Not sure if it’s for families or volunteers. Combo of blog and podcast for CM at Flamingo Roach Church.

Free Children’s Ministry Resources: I don’t even know what this is really. Seems like more Children’s Ministry University blog stuff. I’d be more likely to engage if they had one blog as opposed to 3… but maybe I’m missing something. I really don’t know how I got on this one. It’s a successful church plant in North Georgia and I’m just having a blast reading it. If you read anything, read their Easter Egg drop blog post. I almost peed in my pants.

Glen Woods: Children’s Ministry Conversation: This guy is super thought provoking… but he’s also really smart.

Hayslips’ News Blog: (FAV) My good friends who are missionaries in Burkina Faso.

Improv Everywhere: (FAV) If you don’t know what it is, you really should check it out. Really funny stuff. Gina McClain, the CP at one of Life Church’s OKC campuses.

Jim Wideman Ministries: (FAV) The one and only. It’s the CM “bread and butter.”

John Sorrell’s Blog: A guy I recently met who’s doing some church ministry blogging.

Jonathan Fietzer: A CP blogging about his ministry in Milwaukee. (FAV) I just found this blog and I LOVE it. I think this guy and I are very much alike.

JUST PUDGE: (FAV) Pudge has so many great things to say. I just don’t know if when I meet him I can say his name and keep a straight face.

[Kid Inspiration]: (FAV) He’s been blogging as long as there has been blogging. Always good stuff. (FAV) Karl’s been doing it longer than most as well. Always insightful and resourceful.

Kids in Focus: This one isn’t really regular, so I’m not sure what it’s all about.

Kids Ministry Revolution:  Just found this blog. I love the name and love the insight. It’s a CP from New Zealand, I love getting the perspective of those from outside the United States. swerve: (FAV) Just a great blog on ministry, life and technology.

Mashable! Another big tech blog… with an overwhelming number of posts.

matt mckee live: (FAV) One of my favorites. He’s a geeky tech guy that love’s kids… but he’s not really a geek at all. Does that makes sense? Oh and he has a fetish for signs. (:

Michelle Richards: She’s been quite for a while, but I’ve always enjoyed reading about what was going on in her ministry.

Movie Marketing Madness: (FAV) Just signed up for this one. I love movies and this blog has the inside scoop.

Multi-Site Kids: (FAV) It’s what I do… so this one has great information.

Pastor Steven Furtick: (FAV) It’s the pastor of a portable mega-church who’s only 26 or 27. A great blog.

Perry Noble dot com: (FAV) This guy is funny, inspiring and leading a really great church.

Phil Vischer: The father of VeggieTales. Must I say anymore? Started following this guy several months ago. He’s a student pastor who’s been getting around the South.

Photoshop brushes: Just signed up for this one. I’ve never used custom brushes in photoshop, so this blog is teaching me.

Ragamuffin Soul: (FAV) Carlos is incredible. I enjoy this blog and his Twitter feed. (FAV) Sam started blogging when I did. He has great insight in the world of Children’s Ministry.

Seth’s Blog: Who doesn’t love Seth Godin?

Smashing Magazine: (FAV) Was recently introduced to this blog. Good for keeping up with design styles and stuff.

Stuff Christians Like: (FAV) I look forward to this one everyday. I feel like this guy and I must have gone to the same church growing up. So funny.

Stuff: (FAV) A good friends family blog.

Take T.W.O. Family Ministries: Has some really great insight on leadership.

The Dixie Gypsy: (FAV) My wife’s blog, she’ the bomb.

The Ferguson Family: (FAV) Some good family friends write this one. They are so funny.

The Multi-site Church Revolution: Just keeps me up with the Multi-site world.

The Stevens Family Blog: (FAV) Good family friends from Keller… and neighbors.

The Way We See It: (FAV) Good stuff from Ryan Frank, Jim Wideman and Evan Doyle. Part of Christianity Today’s site and usually filled with great articles form Willow Creek CM people. (FAV) This guy is one of the best from the church strategy perspective.

Water Blogged: Another silent Craig Jutila blog. Waiting for him to write something…

YouVersion – One Year Bible: It is what is says.