I’ve been working more on our policy manual and I’m editing our section for check-in volunteers. Actually around Gateway, we don’t call them check-in volunteers, they’re called boat volunteers. Why, because the check-in area is dominated by a giant boat.

First of all, I really hate calling them boat volunteers. That at all doesn’t describe what they do. However, it does make it easy to know wehre they serve. Second of all, we don’t have a boat at our South Campus. So, I need to rename this area totally. Other options could be check-in (blah) or hospitality (boring). I’m also trying to avoid confusion with the adult welcome/hospitality team that uses terms like frontline, connection, connexus and guest services.

So I’m looking for something that is unique for Gateway (no confusion), descriptive (if possible I don’t want people guessing what it is) but fun and energetic. this is the first stop for families on Sunday and I want to start a great first impression (and I don’t want to call it “first impressions”).

Got any ideas? What do you call your area?

Oh, just so you know. This is where kids get their name tags, visitors get registered and guided to their age-specific environments and information about our ministry is distributed. It’s a high-energy and busy place on the weekend.