Capture3-6-2008-11.36.04 PM When it comes to tech, I’m Switzerland. No really, I’m truly neutral. Actually, that’s not completely true. I’m Switzerland with some strong opinions. I’m a big believer in anything “open.” I love Google and want them to continue to succeed because I think they’re giving the big boys like Microsoft a run for their money. So, all this being said, I don’t vote a straight ticket. I use whatever is best out there. For blogging, I’ve been using a Microsoft product.

My friend JD introduced me to Windows Live Writer and I have fallen in love. Honestly, it’s so cool. If you’re a blogger, it’s worth checking it out.

The beautiful thing about Windows Live Writer is that it is free software designed for the blogger. It allows you to blog while off line and upload whenever you go online again. It will connect to your blog and download past posts, categories and whatever else you need. In addition, you can post to multiple blogs seamlessly.

From WLR, you can post pictures (WLR has all kind of picture features allowing you to add effects as well as adjust picture and thumbnail sizes), really cool maps, video (although I haven’t done the video through WLR yet). WLR will also download your template so you can preview what your post will look like on your site when it goes live. Once you hit publish, it posts directly to your blog or to the drafts if you have it set to publish at a later date or time.

So, do yourself a favor. Check it out, you may be impressed.

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