It’s been about a year ago since I posted what I’m reading. The last time I did it, I spent an hour typing out and linking all the blogs I read. I think that’s why it’s been a year since I’ve updated the list on this blog. However I just found out about Google Reader’s bundles. It made this process so much easier.

Right now I subscribe to 33 blogs about Children’s and Student Ministry. I subscribe to blog from different categories as well, but if I only have a limited amount of time to read blogs, I usually hit this list first. Here the are.

Kenny’s Blog Bundle

Picture 2

Here’s the beauty of the bundle. On the page I linked to, you can click on each blog in the list and go to that blog page or you can click the “subscribe” button and it will add all 33 blogs to your google reader account in a nice little folder called “Blogs Kenny’s Reading.” How cool is that?

This list has been trimmed down a little. I’m only subscribing to those who blog on a regular basis. So if someone stopped blogging two months ago, they’re probably off my list.

Who am I missing? What Children’s and Student Ministry blogs should I be reading?