I don’t know how to write this blog post. I read something not too long ago and it really has me processing a lot of stuff. Mostly stuff as it relates to my own faith, the faith of my two children and eventually, the faith of the thousands of kids who are affected by my influence. I love to talk strategy, implementation and methodology, but my wife often warns me those things alone don’t change lives.

I feel like every one of us should constantly re-evaluate our own faith and guard against what faith often tends to drift to. Knowledge. Beliefs. Culture. Routine. Boring. Related to that, what kind of faith are we passing on to our kids? Is the faith I live out compelling to my kids? I’m not sure it always is and I know that my kids WILL learn more from what I do than anything I say. What am I teaching them about faith unintentionally? The same goes for the kids in my church. What kind of faith am I pushing? Is it compelling or is it storybook, pat answer, knowledge based faith that doesn’t compel? I’m not sure this is a curriculum answer, but something bigger than that.

When Jesus walked in on the scene, he stirred things up. The years of ministry he spent with his disciples would be described as adventurous, costly, risky and difficult. From a spiritual formation perspective, realize that this is the kind of faith Jesus passed on to his few.

When I think of the faith I’m passing on to my kids (biological and spiritual):

  • Is it adventurous?
  • Does it cost me something?
  • Is it risky?
  • Is it difficult?

If not, why should I expect my kids to follow Jesus and do even greater things than I did?

Yeah, I’m starting to wonder about what kind of faith I’m pushing.

What about you?