We’ve got a very big promotion coming up at Gateway Church. Very Big. Actually it’s so big that we’re going to host four parent meetings to explain all that is happening. To be honest, we don’t really need the parent meetings, but its another opportunity for me to speak vision to our parents, so we’re going to anyway.

  • Currently we have four nursery rooms that are almost at capacity every weekend.
  • Our preschool is overflowing. We have 20-25 kids in our Clubhouse (large group teaching area) and over 40 four and five year olds in our Cottage room.
  • We have Kindergarten-5th grade split between two rooms.
  • We offer Middle School only during our 12:30 service.

Our 9:30 and 11:00 services see similar sized crowds, but our 12:30 service has a fraction of the participants.

So, on August 24th, were making some big changes.

  • We’re bringing in two portable buildings (yeah, they’re trailers) which will give us 4 more rooms.
  • The kids in the clubhouse will move out to the portables
  • The 40 kids in the cottage (who would be promoting kindergarten) will move to the portables.
  • We’re launching a significant small group component to our 1st-5th grade rooms.
  • We’ll be offering middle school during all the services (we’re giving them the cottage room)

It’s big changes for us, but we’re really excited. We’ve got a lot of fresh faces to recruit. It isn’t really any more kids (well, maybe some), it’s just more rooms and opportunities to serve. I’ll be keeping this blog up to date on our promotion efforts.