Now with the Birmingham, AL and the Austin, TX events over, what is next?

Well, on February 18th, we do have our Nashville event, but we have something else up our sleeves as well. It’s called Illuminate Online.

The central vision behind Illuminate is to offer high-quality training for volunteers that it both local and affordable. Unfortunately, Illuminate only has three stops this year which means it can only offer local training for a few regions. So, Illuminate is taking to the web. Although it isn’t the same, much of what you might experience at Illuminate will be available online.

Last Friday, we shot over 3 hours of video content designed specifically for Illuminate Online. I’m excited to make it available soon. How soon? Probably in January. That’s the anticipated launch date of Illuminate Online. As January gets closer, I’ll share more information about the unique strategy of Illuminate Online. If you’re interested in getting updates on Illuminate Online, sign up to be notified here (click on Illuminate Online).