706619_face‘Tis the season to be crazy busy, huh?

I’ve got several things I’m working on right now, several of which I know I’d like to share on this blog. I find that the things taking up my time tend to be the best topics to write about. Not only does it help me engage better in my work, but it opens up opportunities to get ideas and critiques from others.

It does seem that I’ve very busy right now, but it’s not filled with urgent deadlines of things that need to be ready for this weekend. Rather, it’s the stuff we’re doing next winter, spring and summer. So, here’s a look into my world and the things that have me busy at the moment!

  • Following up with 200 regularly attending  kids who’ve been MIA in in October due to the flu and other issues
  • Planning a Christmas theme (I don’t know what to call it) that will provide some fun momentum heading into the holiday season
  • Nailing down the details for summer camp and launching early bird registration by Black Friday
  • Finalizing our 2010 Calendar (Including all deadlines for promotion and advertising)
  • Developing our system for follow-up in 2010 (First, Second and Third time visitors as well as MIA’s and follow-up to all kids)
  • Finalizing our 2010 budget
  • Preparing to launch a prototype for small group/discipleship in January/February
  • Giving our two day retreat for pre-married couples a complete overhaul

Other than the pre-married retreat, I plan to write about all of these things in the next few weeks. In addition, I have three other things on my heart I’ve been meaning to type out for several months. One involves reaching children in the third world. Another involves the parable of the talents (this one’s been stewing in me for 6-8 months). Finally I have a lot to write about what God is teaching me about faith. I have history (a better word for baggage, right?) with the concept of faith that isn’t entirely biblical and it’s been cool what God has been teaching me.