So, you’ve got biters. What’s your policy? Do you even have one or do you wing it on a case by case basis? Do your volunteers and leaders know it?On of my Children’s Pastors sent me this great article from on biting. After reading this, we decided to update our biting policy to make it more clear and systematic.

We have a biting policy, but when put to the test this past summer, we found that we were all over the place. We had a chronic biter. This kid would bite anything that moved and he was a repeat offender. When first confronted with this situation, my first response to the Early Childhood director was, “what does our policy manual say?” We quickly came to realize that our policy on biting was a little lacking. It consisted of about 3 sentences. It was thorough enough to deal with the occasional bite, but not really though enough. So, we will be updating this policy this week.

The only thing this article doesn’t address is the chronic biter like we dealt with last year. What happens when you go through this procedure four, five or six times? We talked with some other churches to get their take and developed a plan that worked for us, but I’d be curious to hear what others have done or would do in that situation.