Okay, maybe that title is a little sexist. Who is your t-shirt person. 😉

In 15+ years of ministry, I’ve found that great t-shirt vendors (along with designers and whatnot) come and go. Some change their services, others change their pricing and some become less reliable. I’ve found that it’s always good to have a handful of options, having some vendors your rely on for some things and other vendors you rely on for other things. The worst place to be is staring down a deadline without any options.

Recently I’ve found myself looking to expand my options for t-shirt vendors. I thought I’d throw out a question to the community. Who have you found to be remarkable to work with when it comes to t-shirts or other printed apparel? Leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll begin composing a list to share with others as well. If you’re a t-shirt vendor, I’d be glad to include you, but I’m primarily looking for recommendations. Recommendations of a vendor who hasn’t just provided their services, but they’ve “wowed” you. From quality of product/work, speed/timeliness of service and opportunities where they’ve gone above and beyond, tell me who you’ve used that made you grateful you stubbled upon this particular vendor.

Thanks for you help and by helping me, you help the community!