So, I need a little help. I’m gathering information before I have 1500+ camp shirts designed and printed. I want to know about who you know or who you use. Obviously, I’m looking for a great price, but I need to know the capabilities of the printer. Can they do over-sized prints, can they print over seams and stuff like that.

So, if you would please help me by commenting below, I’ll even publish a little directory of T-Shirt vendors to share with everyone. When you’re planning to print your next ministry shirt, you’ll at least know what your options are.

Here are the questions:

  • So, what’s the name of the vendor you use?
  • What’s their website?
  • What’s their phone/contact info?
  • Do they do oversize prints?
  • Do they print over seams?
  • Anything else worth noting?

* I’m looking for high quality operations here… an outfit that can print thousands on demand. If the vendor you use is really small scale or the quality is lacking, don’t submit them. Thanks!