Well, this is it! We have a winner. Titus picked one really quick. I ended up filming a quick video while Titus was eating which gave me a little time to edit, upload and post before the day got away from us. The video is a nail-biter for sure. 😉

If you just can’t wait, tab down to the end of this post to see who the winner was, but remember… Good things come to those who wait.

This was a lot of fun. I think I’ll try to give stuff away on the blog more often. Perhaps while I’m at Orange I’ll see if I can get some more free stuff to give away. Woo hoo!

Think Orange Book Give Away from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

So, I think that everyone who participated is a winner. Yes, I’m saying this to make you feel better. You lost. However, I want to help. I’m so incredibly honored that you read my blog. Really, I am. It’s been my dream to encourage, equip and share ideas with others in Chidlren’s Ministry as well as pick up some new ideas of my own. After two years, Children’s Ministry Online has totally become that. So, if you posted your comment on my book give-away page and you’re coming to Orange, I’m going to give you a special prize. Yes, I’m going to give you something from Texas.

What “something from Texas” are you going to give us? Well, I’m not sure yet. But Texas is a fine state and really just about anything from Texas would improve your life immediately. So, I’ll have something for you at Orange. I’ll either have it with me or I’ll have Sam hold it for me in his fanny pack.

So, the winner is: Karen!

Sorry that came across a little unimpressive. I didn’t get your last name but I do have your email. We’ll meet up at Orange and I’ll get you your prize. I’ll get a picture or some video of the hand off for sure. Congrats! Below is Karen’s winning post:

I attended Catalyst for the first time last year and now I’m attending my first Orange Conference. I’ve excited but nervous too. I’ve taught preschool at my church for almost 5 years but I’ve recently become the leader for the Preschool area. The reason I want this book – because I had a hard time even typing that last part “leader for the preschool area.” I love the kids and will do anything to help them grow, but I’m WAY out of my comfort zone being a leader. I’d love to know more about how to Think Orange and help my volunteers.

By the way, I found you via Twitter and I’m loving your blog!