Be the first to hear groundbreaking research commissioned by Orange and implemented by the Barna Group on the nationwide ORANGE UPDATE: THE INTERSECTION OF THE CHURCH AND THE FAMILY.

Orange has put a lot of effort into this study and the results are going to answer a lot of questions for you as a church leader. This is very EXCITING.

I’m looking at it this way. Almost a decade ago, Barna rocked the world with “Transforming Children” which showed the church the importance of children’s ministry within the church. Barna followed up that book with “Revolutionary Parenting” to explain to parents what needs to happen in the home to create spiritual champions. I’m seeing this report as the final piece. What do we need to do as the church to really equip and engage the parents.

This should be great and you get to hear it revealed live at the Orange Conference 10. Click the badge to the right to register.