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You’ve probably heard the statistic that more than 70% of students walk away from their faith within one year of graduating high school? Reggie has been working on a study about the loss of faith in college students and it’s turned into a book called “Slow Fade”.  This is another hot question in the Christian community over the past several years and the topic of many studies (and even controversy over what it means).  Reggie has a unique take on what is happening that will bring clarity to this issue.

You may be thinking, “I work with kids, why does this matter to me?” That’s a dumb question. Of course it matters to those who work with kids becasue these kids walking away from their faith are our investment. Most of these kids sat in our children’s ministries for YEARS! We’ve got a lot invested and it matters greatly. The solution to this problem may start with what’s happening in our children’s programs.

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